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Sabai Discuss is a premium WordPress plugin from the Codecanyon store from onokazu developers that simplifies the creation of questions and answers. The plugin creates the ability for users to ask and answer questions, similar to Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers. Sabai Discuss can be called an ideal tool not only for creating communities with questions and answers, but it is also well suited for creating a discussion forum, knowledge base or support portal for WordPress.

Full adaptability and modern flat design.
Search for questions and answers by keywords and categories with a user-friendly hint feature.
Custom Q & A filter.
Create search forms and filters in a visual editor.
Publication of questions and answers in frontend.
Posting comments on questions and answers.
Ability to publish and edit comments.
Hierarchical categories.
Ability to attach files to questions and answers.
Vote for questions / answers / comments.
Ability to close and reopen the survey.
Recommended Questions.
Ability to automatically moderate or delete spam questions / answers / comments.
Support for favorite questions and answers.
Ability to moderate responses.
Use user profile.
Using a user reputation system.
Creation of custom fields in the visual editor (selection, date, HTML, discounts, quantity, turn on / off, text in a paragraph, text as a string, captcha, user data, file upload, video upload, email, phone number and other elements).
Permission-based reputation system with over 40 customization permissions.
Restricting access to members with a negative reputation.
Allow guests to create questions / answers, choose the right answers to their questions.
Installing different versions of SabaiDiscuss (copying one file and a couple of clicks).
PHP Markdown editor for publishing questions and answers and editing them in the preview.
Filter users using HTMLPurifier for added security.
Code highlighting with Google Prettify.
Search for questions and answers.
Includes 5 shortcodes.
Includes 9 WordPress widgets.
10 email templates.
Works well with any theme.
Uses Ajax.
Support for multiple languages ​​of the site.
Support for questions / answers in different languages.
Integration with MyCRED rating system and Cubepoints plugin.
Support for multi-language interface.

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