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The “Related options 3” module allows you to specify dependent option values ​​for products (available combinations of related
options). This is useful when products have interdependent options (characteristics).
For example, the “Color” and “Size” options for clothes.

After installing the module, on the module settings page, you can specify which options should be linked (define the
necessary options for combinations of linked options). On the product editing page, an additional tab “Related options” will be displayed, where you can set the available combinations of option values ​​for a particular product.

Attention – this is a version for Opencart 3.*

The main functions and features of the module:
combine/link any number of options of types “List” (“select”), “Switch” (“radio”) and “Image” (“image”)
specify individual values ​​”Model”, “SKU”, “UPC”, “EAN “, “Location”, “Out of stock”, “Weight”, “Price”, “Price prefix”, “Discounts”, “Promotions” for combinations of related options
search for products by the value of the “Model” field specified for combinations of related options ( in the administration panel and directly in the store)
use different variants of related options for different products (for example, “color + size” for some products, “length + width” for others, etc.)
limit the choice of the buyer to only available combinations of options (other values, depending on the settings of the module, are either hidden or made inaccessible)
choose the values ​​of related options on the product page in any order, all restrictions will immediately apply to other options (for example, the buyer can start the selection from the last option), or use step-by-step selection of options (the buyer must first select the value of the first option, then the second, etc. .)
display on the product page for the buyer the “Clear parameters” button, which resets all selected option values ​​(optional)
keep a record of the quantity (remains) in the context of sets of related options
prohibit adding goods to the cart if the quantity entered by the buyer exceeds the balance the current balance for the selected combination of options (optional)
automatically select a specific combination of options when a customer opens a product page (optional)
do not affect products that do not have associated options (if no associated options are specified for the product, this product and its options will work in the standard way)
import/export combinations of associated options in XLS format (requires PHPExcel library)
“Associated Options 3” module is fully compatible ( and recommended for use) with modules Dynamic Price Update – Live Price 3. or Live price 3 PRO. Without them, the price on the product page does not change when choosing options. Images are changed using the Options Images 3 PRO or Options Images 3 Ultimate modules, which are also fully compatible with “Related Options 3”

Compatibility: OpenCart 3.*, OCStore 3.*
The module is compatible with most templates/themes (including Journal2 and 3).
If you still have any problems, write to us, we will try to help.

Upload file via install extensions
Update modification cache
Update template cache (if enabled)
Install module in module list
Edit module settings
This module is a commercial add-on. Do not post it on download sites or transfer it
copies to others. By purchasing a module, you acquire the right to use it on one site (license). If you need to use the module on multiple sites, you must purchase a separate copy (license) of the module for each site.

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