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React v2.0 is an exact copy of the well-known Instagram, but now also in ReactJS. This means excellent script performance with low server load, smooth content loading thanks to the DOM and many other improvements thanks to ReactJS and MEAN stack. The script has all the functionality of its original. Therefore, you can create your own Instagram website too. Also, the script has a mobile version, and is fully responsive. Which means, you can easily customize it for yourself.

1. Install everything you need

# with npm
npm install# or with yarn

2. Open PHPMyAdmin, create a new Database and import the db.sql file into it .
3. Create a .env file and add the given code. Then fill in your data!

SESSION_SECRET_LETTER = “anything-secret”
MYSQL_HOST = “host”
MYSQL_USER = “user”
MYSQL_PASSWORD = “password”
MAIL = “your-email-for-sending email-verification-link”
MAIL_PASSWORD = “password -for-email ”
GOOGLE_GEOLOCATION_KEY = ‘google-geolocation-key’

4. Start the server.

npm start [OR] yarn start

5. If you chose Yarn as the startup environment, then run this command

yarn env

6. That’s it, the server with the script is running. All you need to do is follow the link that the server issued.

localhost: [PORT_RUN]

7. Copy the received address into the browser. And congratulations, the script works great.

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