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Plotalot is designed to build line and scatter charts, bar charts, pie charts with numerous formatting options, and uses the Google Charts API. Using Plotalot, you can include as many plots as needed by placing them anywhere in the material.

Line plots with multiple divisions
Scatter plots with variable point size
Horizontal or vertical, stacked or grouped bar charts
2D or 3D pie charts with or without values
Description above, below, left, right, or without description
Free grid
In titles and axis labels can be either plain text or a SQL query
Axis limits can be automatic, fixed or generated by SQL
Chart size can be up to 300,000 pixels
Background colors, gradients, transparency and translucency
Value pointers, linear fill,
SQL scale pointers can include various types variables
Query local database or some other databases
Can also build tables or single items (first column of first row returned by your SQL)
No libraries to install, only component and plugin
Diagrams can be temporarily located on your web server to reduce database load Data
Chart class can easily be built in your own code to improve the construction of your components

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