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PHP Social Dashboard v1.5.5is a social media management platform that individuals or companies can use to coordinate their social media presence across multiple channels or accounts through a single interface. With this app, users can have a social media stream including all their social media activities, with multiple social media profiles displayed in a stylish wall mockup, and can semi-define them all in one place. This application receives information through various API web services. Users authorize the app on their sites, and the app extracts their social media data and displays this information in their personal Social Dashboard account on their sites. Our application displays user data only for itself and only after receiving their permission.

It supports 8 social networks including their pages or channels and includes about 11 submission options. Users will be able to post updates to their social accounts, add comments and comments to posts, and share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Linkedin with their accounts. They will also have the option to reply, repeat a tweet, or like the Twitter posts on the wall. They can filter their social network by social networks, pages or channels.

They can also change the style of their dashboard using layout and skin options, or change the style of their wall using the template manager and make it as they see fit.

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