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This plugin is a full-featured solution for SEO friendly images. Optimize the alt and title attributes for all images and improve your SEO traffic.

SEO Friendly Images for WordPress is a plugin that helps you automatically optimize all the alt and title attributes of images in your posts, pages, as well as third-party plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields. The alt and title attributes are important for ranking websites on search engines, and are also required to get a valid W3C website.

One of the fastest Lazy Loader on the net
The delayed download function is very useful and improves your productivity by delaying the loading of images on long web pages, since images outside the viewing area (the visible part of the web page) will not be loaded until the user scrolls through them.
Lazy loading in this plugin runs on unveil.js, one of the fastest and thinnest lazy downloaders on the net. The implementation is well SEO compatible and also contains a fallback to no-js.

SEO Friendly Images Pro for WordPress 

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