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The Paid Memberships Pro plugin is designed for WordPress sites with premium content, clubs / associations with paid subscription products and much more! The plugin adds a new source of income to your website and is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost all online and offline companies.

WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Membership Plugin, integrated with Stripe, and PayPal®, for recurring payments, flexible content management, checkout and much more.

Membership Levels
Name and access control for unlimited membership levels. Members are added as a WordPress user at the subscriber level in addition to the selected membership level at registration. Create your membership site in a way that is best suited for your content, regardless of whether you are considering a hierarchical (gold, silver, bronze) or thematic model.
Payment Gateways
Paid Memberships Pro integrates seamlessly with Stripe, and PayPal® payment gateways. Setting payment options is simple: just select the gateway and paste the relevant API information into the Membership> Payment Settings page in the WordPress admin console.
Flexible pricing and trial
Each membership level that you define also has unique pricing information. You can determine the initial payment, as well as the periodic billing cycle, price, membership period, and an additional free or grace trial period.
Access Content by Levels
Lock your content or custom web applications with ease! Paid Memberships Pro adds a simple administrative window to the WordPress “Edit Pages” screen, allowing you to control access for each proposed membership level. You can also control the placement of content through a category.
Participant Reports
Three main reports are included in your Paid Memberships Pro admin interface. The dashboard summarizes three detailed reports for all participants and includes information about visits, views and logins; Sales and revenue; and Membership Statistics for the entire history of activity on your site since the activation of Proid Memberships Pro.
Search engine optimization
Set the advanced option “Show excerpts for non-members?” So that the search engine / search bot crawls and indexes your personal content so that your site can still rank in the search by keywords, which allows you to attract new members or save search engine traffic for an existing site or blog.
Support community
Enter the member forum if you need help with the technical aspects of using the PMPro plugin or if you have general questions about web marketing, SEO, business ideas or anything else, we provide our members with a platform!
Setting up advertising
If you use advertising as a way to monetize your site, you can optionally wrap the ad unit with the built-in PHP function to hide or configure these ads for site members. This may be a unique offer for users interested in not having ads on your site.
Email Notifications
The Paid Memberships Pro plugin allows you to configure email notifications. Various emails can be customized, including your own stylized HTML template with custom header and footer files.
Integration in Themes
PMPro Pages are WordPress Pages. You can control the full layout using a PHP template, or simply override the default CSS using a custom CSS file loaded in your theme’s directory.
100% GPL
You can run Proid Memberships Pro on any number of sites. The PMPro code is not obfuscated, so you can customize it to your needs or use the code in your own projects.
Proid Memberships Pro is a plugin for WordPress version 4.0 or higher. Plugin developers constantly check the main Paid Membership Pro plugin and add-in library for compatibility with new releases of WordPress. You can find out more about compatibility on the plugin developers website.


AWeber Add On v1.3.1
Add Member From Admin v5.0
Add Name to Checkout Add On v3.1
Addon Packages v7.8
Add PayPal Express Add On v5.3
Address For Free Levels Add On v4.0
Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On v2.4
Affiliates Add On v3.0
Approvals Add On v1.1
Auto-Renewal Checkbox v2.6
bbPress Add On v1.5.5
BuddyPress Add On v1.2.1
Better Logins Report Add On v2.3.2
Constant Contact Add On v1.0.3
ConvertKit PMP Integration v1.0.2
Check Levels Add On v3.0
Custom Post Type Add On v2.1
Levels as DIV Layout Add On v2.0
Donations v5.0
Developer’s Toolkit v5.1
Download Monitor Integration Add On v2.1
Email Templates Add On v0.7.2
Email Confirmation Add On v5.0
Extra Expiration Warning Emails Add On v4.0
Failed Payment Limit Add On v2.0
GetResponse Add On v4.2
Gift Aid v1.2
Gift Levels Add On v3.0
Group Discount Codes Add On v3.2
Hide Admin Bar From Non-admins v1.0
Holler Box Integration v1.1
Infusionsoft Add On v1.3.2
Import Users from CSV Add On v3.3
Invite Only Add On v3.4
Custom Level Cost Text Add On v3.2
Kissmetrics Add On v3.1
Limit Post Views Add On v5.0
Lock Membership Level v2.0
MailChimp Add On v2.1.1
MailPoet PMP Integration Add-on v1.0.0
Member Badges Add On v3.1
Member Directory Add On 5.1
Member History Add On v3.0
Member Homepages Add On v1.0
Member RSS Add On v2.0
Membership Card Add On v4.0
Membership Manager Role Add On v3.2
Nav Menus Add On v3.3
Member Network Sites Add On v5.1
Multisite Membership Add On v4.3
Pay by Check Add On v8.0
Payflow Recurring Orders v2.0
PayFast Gateway v8.0
Post Affiliate Pro Integration Add On v2.1.1
Proration Add On v3.1
Table Layout Plugin Pages v1.0
Recurring Emails Add On v5.1
WP Affiliate Platform Integration v3.1.1
Reports Dashboard Add On v3.0
Reason For Cancelling v1.2
Register Helper Add On v1.4
Roles v1.1
Paid Memberships Pro – Series v4.0
Set Expiration Dates Add On v5.0
Shipping Add On v6.0
Signup Shortcode v2.0
Social Locker v1.1
Strong Passwords v1
Subscription Check Add On v2.0
Subscription Delays Addon v5.2
Sponsored Members Add On v7.0
VAT Tax v5.2
State Dropdowns Add On v0.1
WordPress Social Login Add On v2.0
Levels as UL Layout v1.0
User Pages Add On v6.0
Variable Prices v4.2
WooCommerce Add On v1.6.1
WP Bouncer v1.4
Zapier Add On v1.0

Paid Memberships Pro v2.2.5

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