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A set of 38 modules for your online store based on CS-Cart 4.2+

AMP Page v (n / a) – Boost you product, blog page with amp
User Profile Page v4.5.0.1 – Add more personal info to the user profile
Facebook Pixel v4.5.0.1 – Conversion tracking for Facebook and Instagram
Product packages v1.0 – Add-on can present several products in one product
CP: Power SEO v2.3 – Provide opportunity create sef url for filtering products in catalog.
SEO Pages For Filters v4.2 – This module allows to add and edit SEO pages for product filters.
Color / Images Filter v1.1 – Filter for options for the very first time available!
Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce v4.5.0.3 – The Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce add-on integrates your store with the Google Ecommerce Analytics.
Google Tag Manager v4.5.0.2 – The Google Tag Manager add-on integrates Google Tag Manager into your website.
Google Remarketing Tag v4.5.0.1 – Say goodbye to manually adding tags to different pages of your site – Google Remarketing Tag add-on just made things a lot easier.
[eCom Labs] User Points v1.3 – Allows to export and import customer reward points and shows reward points amount on the user listing
[eCom Labs] SEO Friendly Images v1.3 – Allows to automatically update images with proper alt and title attributes for SEO
goals [eCom Labs] Search Improvements v1.3 – Adds minimum character amount for the search fields and other useful settings. Also the module adds ability to track search words
[eCom Labs] Referral Marketing v1.2 – Allows to reward referrer and customers invited by link
[eCom Labs] Random Products v1.2 – Adds random sorting for product listing and blocks with products
[eCom Labs] Pages Content In Blocks v1.2 – Show content of the CMS pages, forms and polls in the blocks
[eCom Labs] Hide Out Of Stock Variants v1.1 – Allows to show in stock product options only
[eCom Labs] LiqPay 3.0 v1.2 – LiqPay integration
[eCom Labs ] In Stock Sorting v1.4 – Allows to move all out of stock products to the end of list
[eCom Labs] Full CKEditor v1.1 – Allows to add full version of CKEditor
[eCom Labs] Fly to Cart v1.4 – Adds animated fly-to-cart effect
[eCom Labs] Category Layout v1.4 – Allows to tune the look and feel of the category details page
[eCom Labs] Admininstation Toolbar v1.3 – This module creates easily customizable toolbar for the administrator panel
XML & CSV Import v4.5.0. 2 – The XML Import add-on sets you free from dull manual upload of products from your suppliers catalogs to your store.
Admin control bar v1.0 – Add-on will allow you to edit product, categories and pages from customer area easily.
Automatic Administrator Tasks v1.0 – The Automatic Administrator Tasks add-on allows to execute the load of standard procedures like database backup, data export, file uploading, cache clearing
One Step Checkout v1.0 – Add-on is used to change the appearance of the checkout page.
CP: Product accessories v4.3.1.0 – You can add accessories to product or categories.
csc – Full page CACHE v1.2 – Full page CACHE add-on.
CP: Similar Products v4.3.1.0 – Add-on creates new options for filling the Products block content.
Power Pop-up Notification v4.3.1.3 – Add-on is a solution for administrators to inform customers about news, offers, promotions, or policies to be accepted.
Power Lables v1.0 – Add-on settings Power labels in admin panel labels list in admin panel
Live Search v2.2 – Not just searches products but pushes the customer to purchase.
Color / Images Filter v1.0 – The most convenient of add-ons for your store. You can create many filters by color or image to your customers quickly find the desired item.
CP: Abandoned cart and Wishlist reminder v4.3.1.3 – Allows to send abandoned cart, wishlist, birthday, no-activity for a long time, recently viewed products remidners to your customers.
cs-commerce – Cache your data using any CDN service v2.0
Power Blog v4.3.1.6 – Add-on is created with the aim to put the above-described into action
CS-Cart FAQ addon v1.0 – add-on allows you to add FAQ’s or Customer Questions and Answers section on the product page, category page and the general FAQ section for all the pages.

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