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Connect WordPress to your ConvertKit account with completely customizable opt-in forms. Watch your audience & sales grow like never before!

Are you ready to turn your blog into a business? You need a powerful, automated email marketing system. You need ConvertKit.

Finding a way to integrate your WordPress website with a CRM can be a hassle. With the Ninja Forms ConvertKit integration for WordPress, you can fully integrate and automate your WordPress website with none of the pain that other solutions offer.

No more custom integrations that require maintenance with every update. No more time consuming manual data transfer. No more dealing with third-party plugins that may or may not give you what you need.

Save time and grow your business. It’s this simple.

ConvertKit for WordPress: Integrate. Automate. Profit.

Built by bloggers for bloggers, and every feature of their service reflects that quality. That’s why any integration with their service has to go all the way, or go home. Every relevant feature of your CRM account is mappable to your form. This includes:

  • Subscriber email
  • ConvertKit form
  • ConvertKit sequence
  • Tags
  • Fields
  • Debugging through your account API

Simply map the form field you need to the feature of your choice. They’re all there and no more than a few clicks of the mouse away!

Once a form is mapped, you’re done. The form is submitted by the user and data is transferred from WordPress to ConvertKit as you’ve mapped it out. The next time you log into your account, every submission’s data is there just as if you’d hand entered it yourself.

Every detail, every time

ConvertKit is a heavily subscriber-centric service, meaning the details that help you organize and segment every user is mission critical to running a smooth email marketing campaign.

Effortlessly capture every detail for every new subscriber via your WordPress form:

  • Every tag is mappable to a Ninja Forms field. Keep your lists organized with zero effort on every new form submission.
  • Every Sequence in your account is also mappable to any Ninja Forms field. Automatically add a new subscriber into a preferred sequence.
  • ConvertKit Forms, Fields, and more are all mappable as well!

Grow you subscriber list and your business better with ConvertKit + Ninja Forms!

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