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Neptune – Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

This is a food and recipe WordPress theme for chefs and bloggers. Designed for food bloggers, the theme will help you create a food blog with a simple clean layout, popular recipes slider and more. The developers at Osetin specifically focused on the needs of food bloggers, so they integrated some amazing features such as an easy-to-use ingredient maker, a nutrient data block, and informative cooking steps with photos to make recipes easier for subscribers.

Ingredient list with smart features.Not only can you add ingredients by specifying the amount, but you can also describe the ingredients and let users search and check each ingredient using the website. Best of all, clicking on each ingredient reveals all recipes with that ingredient.

The nutritional value. You can add nutritional information to a recipe, protein, carbohydrate, calorie content, and more. And Google will understand this information because the theme uses a smart schema for Google that will greatly improve your SEO and help you find recipes.

Unique reading mode. With one press of a button, users can switch to reading / cooking mode, this will allow them to remove all unnecessary from the page, leaving only instructions for preparing recipes.

Powerful meal planner. It is tightly integrated into the calorie information of your recipes, allowing users to automatically calculate daily protein, carbohydrate and fat values.

Unique built-in timer. It will allow users to start a timer with an alarm and know exactly when it is time to finish cooking with a beep. Neptune v6.3.3 NULLED

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