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Maxbot – Chatbot Builder WordPress Plugin

This is a really simple tool for building chatbots that doesn’t require any coding or technical knowledge. It is easy to create various logical blocks and associate them with the corresponding triggers.

You do not need to use any external API, it does not depend on any other services, the main purpose of creating such a project is to allow clients create intelligent virtual assistants in minutes.

As such, it is great for automating the sales process and improving lead generation efficiency, and is also a great way to collect and analyze customer data and feedback.

It uses a text analysis algorithm to understand people in the same way that people understand each other, the algorithm looks at certain keywords that revolve around a certain question after it manages to sort out the message that it directs to another block of the case, this tool allows you to create a humanoid bot that attracts customers and piques their curiosity in order to continue communication. It can also train your conversational chatbot.

This saves you time, since you do not answer the same questions again, the user can simply press one of the quick reply buttons to answer, to go to another block of the case, you can set an unlimited number of quick reply buttons for any type of message.

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