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LaraPass is a personal password manager designed to provide the highest level of security and data protection. LaraPass allows you to securely store sensitive account login information (such as username, password, etc.) for services such as banks, emails, social media, etc., encrypted on your own server. LaraPass is an easy-to-use product designed with SaaS functionality in mind, with an intuitive and easy-to-use installer.

Custom features
– Responsive design for mobile devices
– Two-factor login system for increased security.
– Registers IP addresses and sends email whenever a user logs in from an unidentified system.
– Secure vault storage – secure storage of accounts in the vault (fully encrypted using AES-256 bit multilayer encryption system).
– Password Generator – Custom built password generator to create strong and secure passwords with just one click.
– Folders – Allows users to organize logins in separate folders to avoid unnecessary confusion.
– Quick Notes – add important notes on the panel itself.
– Account Exporter – Can decrypt and export all user added accounts with one click (albeit requires some security checks).
– One-Click Copy – Copy your login ID or account passwords with one click.
– Built-in messaging supportAdministrator functions
– Overview – get quick statistics on application performance.
– Maintenance mode – activate / deactivate maintenance mode with one click using custom messages.
– Update Manager – Tool to quickly update LaraPass.
– Backup Manager – periodically make full system backups (stored locally).
– Private Mode – You can choose between PUBLIC or PRIVATE mode. Public mode allows anyone to register new user accounts, in private mode only the administrator can register new users.
– User Profiles – View, change email address or ban / suspend users.
– Ability to check the PIN-code support when dealing with the user via chat / email and so on D..
– Logs user IP-address, user agent, the logon time, logoff time, and sends e-mail when successful login system.
– Consent to the use of cookies. Users will be asked to consent to the storage of cookies (in accordance with EU law).
– Update application and email program settings on the admin settings page.
– Built-in Laravel Artisan commands for clearing caches.
– Check for the latest LaraPass updates with one click.
– Administrators can make a quick announcement that is displayed on the panel itself.

LaraPass v1.1.0 NULLED

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