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HTMLCrypt is a tool that helps you protect the source code of your Web pages, and thereby prevent others from viewing and copying the contents of your site.

Features of the program:
– Encoding any information in HTML format without any distortion when viewing it in a browser
– The ability to protect a Web page with a password
– Optimizing the HTML code before encryption allows you to reduce the size and download speed of the final encrypted page
– Protection from viewing the source code HTML, javascript and VBScript without losing their functionality
– The ability to protect e-mail addresses in the code of Web pages from collecting in spam mailing databases
– Small, in comparison with other similar programs, the final size of the encrypted code
– The ability to encode the entire contents of the web page
– Additional features can further protect your web pages

Version: 2.65
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista / 7: full
Interface language: Multilingual Russian in a set
Tabletka: Present (Hacked “ROMIO” specifically for )

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