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Graph Paper Press Sell Media Subscription


Sell month-to-month then each year collection plans in conformity with thine stock library the use of the enterprise-level expansion because of our Sell Media plugin.

Sell month-to-month or each year moon plans according to you inventory library using the enterprise-level expansion because of our Sell Media plugin. Think on such kind of you very own personal iStockPhotos website where ye put in every prices yet preserve 100% over entire sales revenue.

Customizable Plans

You perform configure upon to 5 monthly and 5 each year collection plans or may employ down load limits because every plan. When download limits are reached for every plan, latter downloads are unable till the subsequent billing circle and the customer is despatched an email notification.

Recurring Billing

All plans take place together with automated month-to-month yet each year routine billing. Your customers intention sign above in accordance with thine internet site once and their debts will remain billed every month then yr until they either annul theirs debts and price fails. The more thine store grows, the larger virtue that brings to your customers.

Beautiful, Simple Shopping Experience

This extension integrates along the current Quick View conference popup so that your moon plans are convenient to sign up.

Sell Both Single Products and Subscriptions

Still need according to provide singular manufacture sales? No problem! Simply set the Selling Preferences alternative in accordance with enable both odd production and levy sales.

Email Notifications

Store proprietors may configure on after IV distinctive outgoing e mail notifications despatched in accordance with buyers including:

  • Activation Email – Sent when accounts becomes active.
  • Expiration Email – Sent now subscriptions expire.
  • Download Limit Reached – Sent when download limits are reached.
  • Cancellation Email – Sent then accounts are cancelled or billing fails.

Marketing and Up-Sell Emails

You be able utilizes the email notifications law after cross-market and up-sell customers regarding a variety of plans or save offerings. For example, when download limits are reached, ye do utilizes this opportunity after cross-market or up-sell higher level plans by using the notification email. When an tab is cancelled, you execute send the patron a bargain articles asking to them in accordance with rejoin. It’s proven as this transactional emails hold a lots greater application degree than any electronic mail advertising campaign, then don’t pass that possibility suffice in conformity with waste.

The Benefits regarding Selling Subscription Plans

Offering subscription plans turns a one-time product trafficking into a habitual sale. The greater snap shots or movies you add, the extra precious you service is for you customers. The key benefits of selling contribution plans include:

  • Provides thy clients with higher value.
  • Builds company loyalty.
  • Increases revenue.

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