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You probably often find it difficult to manage too many accounts in Google Analytics. Google Analytics Multisite will help you solve this problem, it will help you get a better overview of your sites. Monitor statistics from one panel to improve and develop your own strategies.

Amazing Charts
Attractive charts that represent your data at different times and dates.

Reporting API V4
The latest version of the Google Analytics API v4, which provides the most advanced method for programmatically accessing reporting data in Google Analytics.

Real Time API V3
Get user activity happening on property right now. Real-time reports are updated within seconds, so you can create live dashboards to track how users interact with your property at all times.

New Visitors and Returns by Week / Month / Year
Users / Bounce Rate / Session Duration
New Users by Location
Live Active Users via V3 Real Time API
Top Active Pages
Sessions by Device Type
Custom Chart: check below for that.
Custom charts
Easy to use
Date picker

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