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EngageBox is a new version of the best Joomla extension for building any pop-up windows on site pages, which can significantly increase the number of subscribers. This package (plugin and component) allows you to easily implement any type of blocks (modals, slides, sliders, sidebars). From the functionality, it is possible to note support for the Exit-Intent technology (detection of behavior and output of a block on exit), a segmented mailing list, loading Joomla modules into blocks and support for more than 60 effects.

[*] More than 60 transition effects
[*] Create multiple pop-up windows on a page
[*] Forms for subscribing to e-mail newsletters
[*] Blend mode or opacity (for background)
[*] Several types of boxes, for example, a pop-up window with any of the existing modules
[*] Possibility to display arbitrary texts in a pop-up window
[*] Built-in detection of mobile devices, phones, tablets and computers
[*] Create pop-up windows based on cookies in minutes, hours, days or sessions
[*] Possibility to enter custom CSS styles
[*] Responsive layout (the component works great on phones, tablets and smartphones)
[*] Customizable background and text color, border color, indents, shadows
[*] 6 different types of window anchors (assignment by menu item, page, assignment of a specific DateTime range, assignment of user groups, assignment by URL, time on site, assignment of custom PHP)
[*] Animation delay in milliseconds
[*] 8 tracking types user behavior on the site (Scrolling as a percentage of the page height, scrolling to a specific element, when reading a page, when loading a page, when leaving a page, when hovering over an element, when hovering over a certain place, on click, on request)
[ *] 7 display positions (top, bottom, left, center, right)
[*] Fully customizable appearance, including width and height
[*] Timer for automatic window closing (countdown until closing)
[*] Function of testing mode for administrator of created forms
[*] Pop-up window with content created by Joomla plugin
[*] Choice of override layout
[*] Google Analytics integration

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