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The EasySocial extension allows you to create a social network on Joomla quickly and easily. Instantly manage your community with a single app from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Web developers can create additional applications and significantly expand the functionality of EasySocial. It is now not only a place of communication, but a broader and more flexible online community.

Customizable registration forms to meet community requirements
Privacy settings for each member
Receive community updates with email notifications
Log in with a Facebook account
Users can help admin control spam and fraudulent activity The
ability to exchange private messages or chat with one or more members in community
Migration tool for JomSocial
Upload photo to Amazon S3 cloud album
Application support for specific custom functions
Built-in user reward system
Ability to attach and share files as you go


Invitex, Quick2Cart, jGive (from TechJoomla)
Parainvite (from SIMBunch)
JFBConnect (from SourceCoast)
Collaborate Chat, Super Login Module (from Herdboy)

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