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CW Multicategories is a new version of the multi-category component for Joomla. The Joomla content management system is very user-friendly and feature-rich. Thanks to it, you can create simple blogs and news resources, and even large portals with many different sections. But in the basic version, it has one drawback, which is noted by many webmasters: there is no possibility to add one material simultaneously to several different categories. There are many different additional components available to help solve this problem. One of the simplest is CW Multicategories .

-Integration of this component into CMS Joomla is easy to implement and does not require any special knowledge in the field of web programming.
-Component can perform pagination in the list of categories.
-Using this extension will not bring you any problems with SEF.
-With CW Multicategories, you can show categories to users according to their rights on the site.
-Popular AJAX and JQuery are friendly with CW Multicategories.
-This component will show the correct path to the site page depending on the category in which the material is located.
-In order to optimize the site, an important quality of the extension is its ability to create canonical urls for articles in several categories, which will allow -to avoid duplicate content, which search engines do not like so much.

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