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Conditional Free Shipping – WooCommerce Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to set a wide range of conditions (for example, minimum / maximum quantity of goods and / or minimum quantity in WooCommerce basket) in order to get free shipping. You can also limit it to a subset of countries and exclude individual states or provinces within those countries. Additional settings allow you to specify one or more categories of goods for free delivery and limit the maximum weight of the basket.

This is a plugin for WooCommerce, it adds a new standard delivery method inside delivery zones. It is enough to activate and configure it (30 seconds!) To make it work.

This allows the administrator to establish complex rules, such as: “If the user has NO more than three items in the basket, AND his total amount is ONLY 10 DOLLARS, and he requests delivery to Spain OR to France, make the delivery free; otherwise, go to standard shipping rates. ”

Bonus function: set a motivational phrase that will be displayed above the basket to encourage users to reach the minimum amount in order to receive free shipping.

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