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Create forms with field values ​​calculated from other form field values.

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Key Features
Includes a form builder for adding/editing various types of fields, including one or more automatically calculated fields based on data entered in other fields.
The information provided may be emailed to one or more email addresses and automatically replied to the user who completed the form.

The form can be pre-populated from external data sources.
It is possible to connect a form to a PayPal payment for either one-time payments or recurring/subscription payments.
Includes several add-ons to connect to other WordPress services or add-ons.
Includes many preset layouts.

Calculated Fields Form Pro can be used for:
Calculation Form Example: General Calculators, Ideal Weight Calculators, Calorie Calculators, Hotel Booking Pricing, Appointment and Services Pricing, Loan and Financial Calculators, Date Calculators such as Pregnancy Calculators, etc. e.

Integrate with WooCommerceto dynamically calculate the price of products and use the WooCommerce cart.

Contact Form: Can be used like any other contact form, where you can define the fields that will be displayed on the form, including text fields, checkboxes, dropdown, uploads, etc.

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