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Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin

Easy to use but powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Provides your content in milliseconds, improves ranking and delights visitors.

What is a cache plugin and how does it increase WordPress productivity?
WordPress is a database platform that dynamically generates content.

A large number of database queries are being performed. This can slow down your site, especially when your database is on a different server. Cache plugin like Borlabs Cache, saves dynamically generated content as a static file on your server. When a page is requested, this static file is downloaded and sent to the visitor, which is much faster than regular database queries. But that is not all. Your pages contain a lot of extra spaces or HTML comments that only increase the overall page size, but are not important for yours, for example. layout or design. Borlabs Cache removes all of them and uses GZIP to compress your page, which saves your visitor traffic.

Many plugins have their own javascript and CSS files, which leads to more requests to your server. Borlabs Cache combines all of these javascript and CSS files, so at best your visitor should only upload one javascript file and one CSS file.

These are just some examples of what Borlabs Cache does to improve the performance of your site.

Borlabs Cache v1.6.0 NULLED

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