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BackupBuddy – a plugin that helps you set up backup, restore a site on WordPress when moving to another domain or server. A large number of features, backup and restore in one click!

Your WordPress site needs a solid backup strategy using a reliable WordPress backup module such as BackupBuddy. WordPress does not include built-in backups, so iThemes developers created BackupBuddy to meet the need for a reliable WordPress backup solution. Even if your backup may not be available if you encounter a server failure.

Other WordPress security issues include hacks, malware, user error, deleted files, and the execution of failed commands. All of these things can completely destroy your WordPress site forever. Having a current backup of your WordPress site is critical to protecting your site. BackupBuddy is created to help.

BackupBuddy combines all four backup items in one plugin.
A full backup requires four components. Some backup solutions cover them, but not everything that makes your site vulnerable. BackupBuddy covers all four backup items in one plugin.Integrated WordPress website
backup Back up your entire WordPress website (database + all WP files).

Scheduled backups
Configure a backup schedule to start automatically.

backup storage Send and store backups of files outside the host in a safe place.

WordPress Website Recovery
Quickly and easily restore your WordPress website from backup.

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