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The fastest and easiest way to advertise your articles in hundreds of directories without wasting hours on manual work ….
There are many different methods for promoting Internet projects. One of them is the publication of articles. This method is currently becoming especially popular among optimizers. From the publication of articles you will not get a large TIC, for which for unknown reasons webmasters are so inclined to chase. In this technique, a different return coefficient is a significant result in the area of ​​links. You write a really worthwhile article and enter in its html code a certain number of links pointing to the web resource you are promoting. After the publication of this article, you will receive links from a highly themed web page

When you first come across the gigantic set of directories in the role of article-submitter, you will draw certain conclusions for yourself, which we would like to share with you. As soon as you go into an unknown directory, first of all, see if it supports html-code. If you don’t support it, then you won’t get the slightest benefit from posting your material, because we are interested in search engine promotion, and not in educating the minds of users of this catalog. If there is support for the html code, then we continue consideration – a list of topics.

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