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Akeeba Backup PRO , formerly known as JoomlaPack, is a multifunctional component that allows you to back up Joomla (files and databases). This extension has a large number of settings and will allow you to archive sites in whole or their individual parts (selected files, folders, database tables, and so on). This can be done even if your hosting provider does not provide archiving options or these options do not suit you to the fullest.

creating a site archive by pressing one button.
Scheduled archiving.
Creation of “self-extracting” archive copies of the site to automate the process of recovery and / or transfer of the site. The archive includes a special script that is executed on the server and simplifies the procedure for “deploying” the site on the hosting.
Support for encrypting data in archives.
Support for multiple archive formats (ZIP, JPA, JPS).
Ability to exclude selected files and folders from the archive. Excluding files with a specific extension.
Including additional files and / or databases into the archive.
Convenient management of archive copies.
Automatically send copies of archives to cloud storage, for example, Amazon S3, DropBox or another server via FTP.
Built-in system of “checkpoints” (restore points) that allows you to automatically create copies of the site before installing extensions and / or updating Joomla.

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