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AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs

AffiliateWP affords deep different affiliate URLvariations that your associates can utilizes simultaneously.

Custom Affiliate Slugs takes it one quadrant further, permitting affiliates after originate their very own custom “slug”. A slug is the part over the referral URL where even would generally lie the affiliate’s username and ID.

Using Custom Affiliate Slugs as much a web page admin

Site admins execute allow customized slugs because whole affiliates, or just some. An affiliate’s customized slug can additionally be changed yet eliminated out of the “Edit Affiliate” admin page. When adding a current affiliate, the customized slug do keep optionally set. When exporting a listing on thy affiliates, a modern “custom slug” stagnation choice display every affiliate’s cutting-edge custom slug.

If thine Default Referral Format is set in conformity with ID then Username ye may allow the Show Custom Slug option among Custom Affiliate Slug’s settings, or the affiliate’s customized slug (if they have one) choice be proven regarding the Affiliate URLs score of the Affiliate Area alongside the affiliate’s ID then username so he be able nevertheless use theirs ID or username.

When you installation or spark off Custom Affiliate Slugs, a new Custom Affiliate Slug option pleasure also show up among the Default Referral Format select menu in the Affiliates → Settings → General tab. This permits ye to show an branch their referral URL including their custom slug, as an alternative than the ID yet username. The branch intention additionally be able to beget a referral URL using the URL creator along theirs customized slug (their ID yet username pleasure not lie visible).

Add-on features

  • Allow whole affiliates in accordance with beget their personal customized slugs now logged into the Affiliate Area
  • Allow only assured affiliates according to propagate theirs very own custom slugs
  • Automatically create custom slugs because of instant associates whosoever register
  • Set a maximum variety concerning characters because auto-created custom slugs
  • Generate alphanumeric then alphabetic auto-created custom slugs
  • Modify an affiliate’s existing custom slug in the Affiliate put through screen, or lift such entirely
  • Set a customized slug then manually adding a current affiliate
  • Use including incredibly or non-pretty branch referral URLs
  • No duplicate slugs – no pair affiliates choice have the identical slug
  • Custom slugs be able remain changed at any period – when certain is changed, it is freed upon because lousy affiliates to absorb if that attempt to change theirs
  • Confirmation required when altering a slug – the customized slug wishes according to be entered doubly to insure if the group desires according to alternate it
  • Use the part campaign function together with customized slugs

Give you affiliates extra monitoring on the URLs they piece along their target audience together with the Custom Affiliate Slugs add-on!

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