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Sale of packages of goods subject to stock availability and the ability to conduct business operations.

Compatibility v1.5.3.1 – v1.7.6.0 The

ability to purchase complementary goods with or without a discount with one click
Do you want to increase the average basket and at the same time allow your customers to save if they purchase several products at the same time?
Now it’s possible with Advanced Pack!
You will save time, you will be able to create packages of goods that can be bought with just one click, and you do not have to worry about stock or complementary goods.

An additional valuable sales tool
Help your customers make purchases. Offer them packages of complementary goods that you will compose in advance, just like sellers do in regular stores.
For example, this wonderful camera, memory card and tripod. Obviously, these products complement each other, and this will interest customers.

Or you can display products that sell best, along with those that are less popular so customers see them.

Your packages can have as many products as you like, but at least two.
Choose the quantity of each product, and then complementary products to your taste. Options to increase the mass of opportunities.

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