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Advanced Custom Fields Options Page Addon


The preferences page function offers a employ of functions in imitation of conjoin extra admin pages in conformity with accomplish ACF fields! Each admin web page perform stand totally custom-made (see articles examples below), or sub admin pages do remain constructed too!

All facts saved about an alternatives web page is global. This potential that is now not devoted in accordance with some particular publish then page, however is stock within the wp_options table. This lets in the facts after stand displayed about some page at some stage in the internet site (good for header yet footer data)!


To accomplish usage of the alternatives page feature, ye will necessity a copy of ACF PRO (ACF v5), then the options page add-on (ACF v4)

Basic Usage

To effect an selections page, without a doubt open upon your functions.php file yet assemble the according tier of


The ACF v4 Options Page add-on will automatically conjoin the non-appearance picks page, however, this is now not the litigation into ACF PRO. If working including ACF PRO, thou intention want after add the default choices page (if required) manually the usage of the code above.

All purposes spoke of on need to be old earlier than the action admin_menu (priority 99) so this is when the options pages are introduced to WordPress.

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