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Ad Agency PRO is a proprietary advertising banner system for Joomla. The client in his own account can independently upload banners, select sections of the site, indicate the duration of the display of ads and the target audience. Start generating revenue from your traffic by selling ad space on your Joomla site today.

Vertical and horizontal advertisements
Show your advertisements horizontally or vertically. Choose how many ads to show in each column and row.

Your advertising campaign is now more flexible than before. You are free to choose the number of ads to display vertically or horizontally, so you can have multiple ads on one line, more than one line, or create multiple columns of ads. Everything is completely at your discretion.

Display ads in any modular position available in your template or even on another site. Where to place your ads is an important decision. You need the flexibility to serve your ads anywhere, for as long as you want.

Companies allow you to limit the display by time, impressions or clicks.

iJoomla Ad Agencyallows you and your advertisers to create campaigns that are grouped ads from a single advertiser and are limited in clicks, impressions, or time.

Only you can control the placement of each ad and the number of ads shown, only you decide how many companies are launched at the same time and how often to show pop-up and / or floating ads, and only you can pause a company, unpublish or move ads at any time. You have complete control over what type of ads advertisers can add to your site. All power is in your hands.

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