Mobile OS: Android Apps
Categories: Communication
Size:  62.37 MB
MOD Features: ● Ads Disabled
● Premium menu entry Removed
● Invite and Premium Pop up Disabled
● Analytics partially Disabled

Right now, there is really no shortage of free texting apps that offer a slew of features that everyone would want in one. And in addition, they’re so popular that sometimes, it kind of makes migrating to other services impractical. The common names such as WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger, e.t.c. are prevalent, and it’d be downright difficult for you to take hold of someone who doesn’t use either of these. But if you’re looking for a new platform to use, or you’re new to the texting games and would like to choose something that’s quick and convenient for all your communicating needs. IMO might be for you.


Now I’ve got to be honest, imo free video calls and chat really does not distinguish itself in a lot of aspects from its competitors. In fact, all messaging services offer technically the same thing, and rarely, if ever, there are any new features that have yet to exist in another service somewhere. The only major difference between them that create the ‘popular’ messaging apps, from the ‘average’ ones is the userbase. WhatsApp and Messenger have tons of users. Like I said, it’d be difficult to find anyone who do not use either of these. And since you need to use the same service as theirs to communicate. It’s common sense how these apps keep on gaining users, while the average ones just grow slowly over time – and maybe not at all.

Fortunately, IMO itself has a huge fanbase. Of course, it’s not as large as the examples I used above, but judging from how there 4.69 million unique downloads and a 4/5 rating for the app. I would say that you wouldn’t at all be at a disadvantage if you decided to change your default texting app to IMO.

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