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Map ToolKit Info:

  • Great Toolkit to create a promo, tell your journey, animate your travels and show your holiday destination. Included designs and graphics can be used for different types of travel / tourist agency commercial, website animations, social media promotion, story, and feed posts ( instagram, facebook, snapchat ), vacation video, road trip, tour guide exploring the world, YouTube show, vlog, or hotel and tourism ads.
  • Full .MOGRT Vector World Map Setup for Premiere Pro. 15+ Features and Map layers, including¬†240 labeled countries, regions and islands, lakes, rivers, roads, city borders, vector relief layers, and extra features.
  • Pinpoint and illustrate the places you can visit with the help of Pointers / Markers, Titles, and animated Lines. Featuring 17 travel icons, from planes, cars, helicopter, bus, boat, bike, etc.
  • Highlight any or multiple Countries, choose to display and customize with any Color. Create unique Map Designs using .mogrt controls to easily customize all Features. Template includes 5 Design Presets, Google Maps styles, simple and realistic satellite look, minimal, detailed, and bright designs.
  • Easy Setup process on Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro¬†(make sure to install the latest version of CC 2019 or newer).Watch the Tutorial first to understand what the Template offers and how it can be used. Preview Video is not included.

Template Features:

  • 05 MAP Presets
  • 15 MAP Features
  • 06 Travel Pointers
  • 04 Animated Line Types
  • 17 Travel Icons
  • Responsive Title Design [Change Font Family, Style, and Size]
  • Super Easy Drag and Drop Setup
  • Add as many Pointers and Lines as you want
  • Original Maps and Textures
  • Easy Customization with .mogrt Controls
  • For Premiere Pro CC 2019 and Above

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  • Attributes

    Resolution 1920 x 1920
    File Size 639MB
  • Applications Supported

    Premiere Pro

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