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In most stores you will find small items with a very low unit price, just think about metal products or nails. Your client can be either the one who needs a large quantity of such a product, or the one who needs only a couple of items. However, in this case, delivering so little will take too much time compared to the profit you receive (if at all). And not to mention the fact that the cost of delivery will be much higher than the price of the purchased products.

But what if you want to make special offers for a product in demand? Some of them may misuse this offer and get rid of your stocks, while you intended to advertise the store and attract new customers with this offer. Wouldn’t setting the maximum number of items to add to the cart be an ideal choice to prevent this?

Offering a good user experience on your site, you can also direct your users to the best and most suitable choice for them, including the smallest or lightest: and it is here that there is a plug-in, such as YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Number, which allows you to set the minimum or maximum quantity for choosing a product, will help you take care of your users, guide them at the time of purchase and maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you want to set the minimum or maximum quantity of goods for the same product or for the entire basket, whether you want to set the minimum or maximum costs, whether you want to include transport costs or not, all this will benefit only your online business .

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