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Allows you to highlight your products in the online store.

Adding the best sellers section to your store allows you to increase sales, because you can offer uncertain customers what many have already chosen and what they probably like.

This feature is used by industry leaders such as Amazon and Aliexpress: displaying a section that includes top-selling products provides several benefits, including increased sales, higher average transaction costs (thanks also to cross-selling and Up Selling), and your overall image the store.

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers allows you to achieve all this in just a few clicks!

Whenever confused users enter a store, they start looking for something that catches their eye, just looking for something that solves their random problem.
What to do if you want to buy a movie to watch tonight: you probably know that you like comedy, but you don’t have a clue about the name you want to look for.
Then you start browsing through the categories, but if you find the “best sellers” button or something like that, you will almost certainly click on it. If the products shown here have so many sales, many other users will like them, and there is a good chance that you will like them too ..

This is what the so-called herd mentality is based on, the mechanism that takes into account people’s behavior in relation to peers and is the basis for the success of the “best sellers” button on the e-commerce site.
And all this comes with the YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin , which has many features specifically designed to allow your users to search among best sellers in the simplest and most intuitive way.

This is what underlies the success of fashion, for example, when people assign a higher value to a certain product or behavior simply because there are so many others, and this plugin adapts to market flow and fashionable goods: it can display several time intervals. in which he can automatically calculate the best-selling products in order to maintain the store’s performance, which will always meet the needs of customers.

And not only this! While the product being sold is becoming more valuable in our eyes, this plugin also informs our customers of a completely new range of information, including the fact that our store has many customers and that our stores value their purchases by highlighting them.

Thus, the best-selling function becomes a service in the eyes of customers and ceases to be just a tool that encourages them to make purchases.

All these unconscious processes lead to the same result: increased sales and customer confidence in your store.

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