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You have developed a modern and functional online store where you sell quality products at competitive prices. However, no one knows your site, and the number of visits is depleted, as well as the number of orders: in practice, you own a wonderful store hidden on a street with low traffic. What you need can be summarized in one word: visibility.

Think about the fact that third parties share your products on their websites, which makes them more visible: you will surely turn a larger number of visits into a huge sales growth without any effort and in exchange with the commission set by you – for the price of the goods sold. A partnership that only makes winners!

If you are looking for a way to advertise your products and increase your sales, but you don’t know how, if you run out of ideas or have already advertised on each blog, then make other people and bloggers advertise their products on their sites.
If they can help you sell your products in exchange for a commission on every sale, you can be sure that they will actively help you in their promotion. Setting up an affiliate program has never been easier, because YITH WooCommerce Affiliates can help you automate the whole process.

Many affiliate programs fail because commissions are paid only if customers purchase one or more of your products immediately after visiting your website, which creates the risk that the entire affiliate system will become meaningless.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Affiliates you will not take risks: the plugin will allow you to choose how long partners will receive commissions from users who click on their links.

Administrators will have full control over their affiliates thanks to detailed click reports generated by each individual link, which gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to pay commissions manually or set up an automatic payment system.

You can also set different commission rates depending on the product or user, which will allow you to create a customizable automated connection system right now, using an exponential advertising system that will increase your sales.

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