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Allows you to embed a size chart in your e-commerce products.

The more information you provide, the more your customers will be satisfied with your service, and what will be more useful than knowing exactly how you a tight-fitting dress is suitable if you can not try it on before buying? A detailed table with all the information about the sizes is what you need for your online store to be complete and avoid misunderstandings when selling.

The main reason for customer dissatisfaction with online orders is the failure to fulfill their expectations. And maybe this does not depend on you or on them, just each sewing factory has its own sizes, and they differ from each other.

But the problem you have to face is that your customers are disappointed and complain that you are not to blame. The solution is to inform them in advance of the actual measurements so that the likelihood of misunderstanding is really reduced.

That’s why we created the YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce., a plugin that aims to solve such problems and allows you to provide customers with all the necessary information before buying. There is a double benefit for both of you: they are satisfied and you will not receive complaints about the wrong sizes, which can be a waste of time and lose customers. And this is not all: you can use it not only for clothes, but also for any type of product that requires that additional information be clearly displayed in tables or diagrams.

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