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Allows you to enable or disable some payment methods for each product of your store.

Take a step forward and offer your customers the opportunity to save money by letting them choose the most convenient payment method.
Is the final price of your products right?

Each time you need to set prices for new products that you offer for sale, many questions arise: do you want to treat your customers well, but something may interfere with your decision about what the final price may be, and good intentions just not enough.

Some of these questions may concern the price applied by the selected payment gateway for each transaction.

The most warning factor is the fact that if you intend to add these costs directly to the final price of the product, it will affect the decisions of your customers and may end up buying it in some other store, paying a little less for it. And that’s how you lost not just a sale, but a potential buyer.

It is clear that you cannot afford to lose money, but you might think that adding this cost to the final price is also not good, since each gateway has different prices, and you will ultimately show a high price even with the method of payment. user-selected does not require this.

The solution is very simple, all you need to do is apply the increase at the moment when your customer chooses a payment method so that you do not have to raise the price of your product, you can even lower it instead!

YITH’s dynamic pricing for each payment method for WooCommerce is the best solution to this problem, which until now has prevented customers from making purchases.

After installing it, you will finally be able to decide whether to increase the price (in percent or as a fixed amount), as well as perform discounts on the total amount of the order.

You will also be able to plan an increase or discount for a fixed period of time in order to have full control.

Imagine that you use the promotion for one of the payment methods you use, in this case, in just a few clicks, you can notify your customers about this promotion and apply the discount directly at the time of placing the order.

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