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WP Ultimo: Create your own

Build your own website as a service platform on top of WordPress Multisite. Using WP Ultimo, you can set up a network of premium sites such as in less than 5 minutes. Start your business today!

Easily manage your subscriptions

Managing your subscriptions with WP Ultimo is as easy as using our intuitive and powerful dashboard.

Create unlimited plans

With WP Ultimo you can create an unlimited number of levels, limiting the number of available plugins and themes for each of them.

Apply restrictions to plans

In each of your plans, you can set quotas for disk space, messages (including custom message types), pages, and even site visits! //////////// Addons:

WP Ultimo: Admin Page Creator 1.7.9
WP Ultimo: Ad Injector 1.0.2
WP Ultimo: AffiliateWP Integration 1.1.6
WP Ultimo: Language Selector on Sign-up 0.0.3
WP Ultimo: Mailchimp Integration 1.1.0
WP Ultimo: Multiple Accounts 1.1.2
WP Ultimo: Plugin and Theme Manager 1.2.5
WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator 0.0.4
WP Ultimo: VAT Support (Alpha) 0.0.1
WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration 1.2.6
WP Ultimo 
WP Ultimo addons 

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