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Site Properties


Adding a logo in the header of the site and on the login page of the admin panel

Title and Description

Add a site name instead of a logo, and a description next to the logo on the right

Basic and voice search

Enable search globally for the site, with a choice: site-wide, store, blog. Available voice search with language selection and visual display of 3 templates

Insert code before head and body tags

Add the necessary analytics codes in the site header before closing the head and body

Visual design

Site template

Control the site width: limited or full width. Adjust corner rounding globally across the entire site


Customize the color of the logo if used as text, or control the width of the logo on 3 types of PC, tablet and mobile. devices

Element colors

Set globally for all blocks and pages the colors of the elements of links, buttons, icons

Site background

Set the background color, add an image to the background, or set up an animated background

Site header

Control the header container width, background color, menu block and text color

Website footer

Control footer container width, customize colors, 2 preset color schemes Dark and Light

Scroll style

Specify your site’s scroll colors, standard and on hover

Font settings

Choose from available Google fonts or upload your own custom font. Set the size of headings and text on 3 types of PC, tablet and mobile. devices


Customize the button style of any block, globally from 3 settings Base color, Normal or animated background

Label and Category Style

Customize the style of labels and tags in articles and categories

Color of links in the main menu

Customize the style of the first and second level menu base and hover

Floating button style

Control the color of floating buttons, customize the background, color, base and hover

Style for “Weekdays”

Customize the colors of working and non-working days in the header and footer to match the style of your site

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