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Team Chart is a Joomla extension that helps you create flowchart easily. Create and manage your current schema from any Joomla editor. Just open the lightbox with the editor button and start drawing your flowchart. Upload photos of participants, organize them, choose a theme, and insert a flowchart into your content. You can also add a workplace, title and description for each person. Participants’ photos can be cropped and updated using drag’n drop. Reorder and reuse an existing member from the flowchart with a simple click.

Create a flowchart from a text editor. Open the designer to create a flowchart from your editor or full size component bar and upload an image, add information, and paste the flowchart directly into your content. Perform one click on the icon to reopen the existing circuit.

3 responsive flowchart themes. Three responsive themes are included and can be customized for each chart. For massive charts, you can enable the zoom feature as well as a flat theme (no hierarchy).

Easy to manage user profiles. Several tools allow you to easily manage your user profile: name, title, description; there is a possibility of cropping and cropping the image.

Unlimited block diagrams.Structural diagrams are not limited in number, and you can also create several diagrams on the same page in one editor.

Regardless of whether you want to display large or small organization charts, you can use the default responsive mode, or turn it off and enable the zoom function. +/- controls let you zoom in on a specific area of ​​the organization chart.

Forget building a diagram using HTML tables, use Team Chart to show how your team is amazing!

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