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Calculate the dynamic prices of goods based on the units, weight, volume entered by customers. Advanced features include range-based pricing and customizable formulas for complex dynamic product prices.

A dynamic price module that allows you to sell products by length, area, weight, volume and other sizes and dimensions. The price of your products will be calculated based on measurements / sizes. volume / weight that your customers enter on the product page.

A great feature for sellers selling cut-to-size items such as carpets, floors, wood, glazing, glass, stickers, banners, and more.

Let your customers enter the field, and the dynamic price of the product is automatically calculated in real time.

Additional features include setting specific prices for different ranges, a useful function that allows you to adjust the cost of your product depending on the total area of ​​the ordered product.

Allow clients to enter sizes / areas in either text boxes or select from a predefined list of values.

The module also has the ability to dynamically calculate the weight of the product based on the dimensions entered by the client, which is a powerful feature that allows you to apply dynamic delivery based on weight to products of dynamic size.

Area-based inventory management (optional) allows you to manage inventory for your products by area rather than quantity. When turned on, customers will not be able to purchase the product if the area they order exceeds the area in the warehouse. Stock space decreases automatically when placing orders.

If you are looking for a powerful solution for the sale of goods with dynamic pricing based on customer reviews, then many powerful and unsurpassed functions of this module will be the perfect solution for your store.

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