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Divi Rocket – caching plugin specifically designed for the Divi Theme

Speed ​​up your Divi site with Divi Rocket. Server-side caching, delayed loading, browser caching, database optimization, GZip compression.

Created specifically for Divi Theme

Divi Rocket was created from scratch and configured specifically to speed up Divi themes and has a number of features not available in any other caching plugin on the market. Since Divi Rocket was created specifically for Divi, we optimized the user interface to make it as simple and intuitive as the Divi theme itself.

Reliable Divi Rocket speed boosting features include: server-side caching with Divi support, lazy loading controlled by the Divi section, browser caching, database optimization, GZip compression and much more coming soon!

Optimize Your Divi Website For Speed

Divi is a reliable, full-featured page builder that has forever changed the way websites are created for the better. Although we do not believe that a properly designed Divi website is necessarily bloated, downloading will definitely take a little longer than a less complicated WordPress. Enter the Divi Rocket. With revolutionary speed-boosting features such as Divi-Aware caching and Divi controlled delayed download, you can create a Divi website that is not only beautiful, but also fast and efficient for your users!

Increase SEO, reduce user failure

It is a well-known fact that at present (according to Google), page loading speed is really affecting SEO rankings. A faster website can cause your website to appear in more requests, which will increase traffic and increase the number of potential customers and sales.

So, now that potential customers have found your website, what is good for them if it loads forever? Statistics show that the bounce rate on sites is 50% higher, and the download takes 6 seconds, and the download takes 3 seconds, and reducing the loading time of the Divi website even by milliseconds will lead to an increase in engagement and conversion (more sales!).

Clean, simple and intuitive to use.

Do not deal with the complex plugin settings that can be seen in traditional cache plugins designed for experienced WordPress and
Developer users . Since Divi Rocket was created specifically for Divi, we optimized the user interface to make it as simple and intuitive as the Divi theme itself. The user-friendly Divi Rocket user interface is designed for both experienced Divi developers and amateurs.

With functionality broken down into separate tabs and useful hints, you will feel confident in knowing which features you enable and why you enable them. Final result? Faster Divi website and more headache-free visitors

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