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An extremely frequent situation: an online store fills the pages with unique content, and competitors steal this content and rank higher than the source site, which spends resources on the content, but does not protect it properly.

Protect your content from theft and copying sites competitors !!!

What the addon does:

1 . Protection against copying content by selecting a fragment and calling the context menu with further copying. The context menu is not called on the site pages, except for the input fields.

2. There is no selection of text on the site using the cursor or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Right, Ctrl + Left, Ctrl + Top, Ctrl + Bottom, as well as a double click on the content area does not allow selection everywhere except input fields.

3.The possibility of dragging (dragging and dropping content, photos) with the mouse is excluded.

4 . The solution is cross-browser and has compatibility with all popular browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari …).

5. The protection against copying images has been released (for full protection you need to disable the “Enlarged Product Images” module – copying by the context menu and dragging is not possible. If you try to disable Java script support in the browser, the protection will still be valid (the module is trickier than a thief)

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