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The plugin allows you to organize delivery on your online store with the courier service CDEK integration for Woocommerce.

Calculation of shipping costs in the shopping cart and on the checkout page. All cost calculations are made taking into account the dimensions and weight of the goods added to the cart, and your individual discounts are also taken into account.

The integration of the store with the personal account of CDEK frees you from the routine work of entering each order manually. All this is done by the plugin. Displaying a map with pick-up points will allow your customers to quickly select a convenient point for them to pick up their package.

The most common tariffs for online stores are available in the plugin, such as:

  • Shipment warehouse-warehouse
  • warehouse-door package
  • Parcel door-postamat
  • Parcel warehouse-postamat
  • Express light
  • Economy package

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