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Use the WordPress plugin Bubble Menu Pro to enhance the functionality of your theme. Highlight the most important things: the site navigation icons, feedback, subscription and ordering forms.

The plugin sets the submenu that is displayed after the click. You can compress the whole block of the traditional menu to a button is several dozen pixels in size. For more information, you can set up tooltips for the buttons – in case the icon you selected is insufficiently understandable for the user.

The main features of the Bubble Menu Pro, the plugin for WordPress, are:

  • set an unlimited number of bubble menus, but remember everything is good in moderation;
  • use 8 fixed positions for the buttons. Experiment with the design to create the most effective view;
  • insert standard menus into the icons, rationally using the screen space and making the design more concise;
  • change the design of the button at your discretion. In addition to circles and ellipses, the square shape is available, with the ability to specify rounding;
  • assign icons from the extensive built-in font catalog Font Awesome;
  • customize color schemes for all items displayed by Bubble Menu Pro;
  • add accents to your CMS WordPress site by setting animation to buttons. The plugin offers 16 options to choose from.

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