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AffiliateWP – a plugin for WordPress – allows you to create an affiliate program on your website. For what? Useful for SEO promotion, users themselves will promote your products online.

Features of the WordPress AffiliateWPP Plugin

Easy setup
Your affiliate program will work in a few minutes. Just install and activate the plugin and you are ready to go!
Accurate affiliate tracking
AffiliateWP reliably tracks affiliate referrals even on servers with aggressive caching.
Full integration
AffiliateWP integrates fully with the popular WordPress e-commerce and membership plugins.
Real-time reports
Track your visits to partners, referrals, income and registration of partners in real time, without delay.
Unlimited number of partners
You can have an unlimited number of partners who are actively promoting your site, products and services.
Unlimited promotional materials
Provide your partners with unlimited visual resources or text links to promote your site more quickly and efficiently.
Coupon Tracking Combine coupon codes with specific affiliate accounts with partner coupon tracking.
Easy affiliate management
Look at your affiliates, look at affiliate reports, edit individual affiliate accounts and affiliate registrations.
Automatically create a partner
Enable automatic creation of an affiliate account for all users who register a new WordPress user account on your site.
Partner Approval
Registration of partners can be moderated by administrators, automatically accepted or accounts can be created manually.
Affiliate zone
A control panel for your partners to track their performance, view profits, get their referral URL, search for advertisements, etc.!
Referral Link Generator Affiliates
can create their own referral links from the Partner Zone with a built-in referral link generator.
Types of referral rates
Choose between a fixed rate and interest referral rates, either locally or for each affiliate and for each product.
Easy partner registration
AffiliateWP for WordPress comes with a default affiliate registration form so that users can instantly register as affiliates.
Affiliate URLs
Choose beautiful URLs. Affiliates can use their unique affiliate identifier or WordPress username in URLs.
Set Affiliate Cookie Validity Period
Specify how many days must be valid for directional tracking cookies.
Shortcodes Use WordPress-friendly shortcodes to insert an affiliate login form, registration form, URL, etc.
Customizable emails
E-mail for administrator notifications, pending affiliate applications, approval and rejection of affiliate applications and new referral notifications.
Export data to CSV
Export partner data and referral data to a CSV file for forecasting, control and accounting.
Payout Logs
Easily view a detailed log of each payout sent to partners on the Payouts tab.
AffiliateWP is extremely extensible with lots of hooks and templates to add custom features and functionality. AffiliateWP’s
includes a full, read-only REST API and an advanced API with CRUD operations available as an add-on.
WP-CLI Integration
Use the full WP-CLI command set to create, update, delete, and view all data in AffiliateWP.
Good performance
Carefully tested and built with speed in mind, AffiliateWP works great on all sites; from large to small and intermediate.
The fully internationalized
AffiliateWP is ready to translate into your language. As always, translations are welcome! (Russian language is present).
Extended documentation
For the plugin there is all the documentation you need for a quick and easy launch.
List of addons:
REST API Extended v1.0.3
Zapier for AffiliateWP v1.1.2
Affiliate Landing Pages v1.0.2
Direct Link Tracking v1.1.3
Custom Affiliate Slugs v1.0.2
Signup Referrals v1.0.2
Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms v1.0.17
Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms v1. 1.12
Pushover Notifications v1.0.2
Lifetime Commissions v1.3.2
Recurring Referrals v1.7
Tiered Affiliate Rates v1.1.2
Affiliate Dashboard Sharing v1.1.6
PayPal Payouts v1.1.11
Multi-level Affiliates v1.9.9 NULLED
Multi-level Marketing v1.1.3
And many others …
AffiliateWP v2.5.3
AffiliateWP Addons

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