GOM Media Player
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GOM Player for Mac is a multimedia player with a minimalist design and intuitive interface. It will offer you much more than average media software. The latest version has extensive functionality that goes far beyond ordinary options, like playing movies and music.


The straightforward interface of this media player hides a lot of functions such as codecs search, YouTube player, video editor, and more. Download a free GOM Player and use a wide range of awesome niche features that include playing damaged audio files and movies as well as those that are being downloaded on your MacBook. It also allows attuning visual video settings such as the contrast and brightness right in real-time. Moreover, this application can display subtitles and playlists and show technical information about the video and audio codecs used to play it.

Codec finder

Another remarkable peculiarity of the GOM Player is that when it meets issues playing broken video and audio files, it selects external codecs that can reproduce this particular format. Once an appropriate codec is chosen, the app directs you to a website where you can download it.

360 VR mode

GOM Player for macOS has one more distinguishable feature — 360 VR mode. It enables you to zoom in a video and watch it from up, down, left, and right, like you were in it. The app also lets you easily find and play VR videos on YouTube.

GOM Remote

A useful feature is the GOM remote that enables you to manage the PC software from your mobile device. It includes basic options like play/pause and playing forward/back. The GOM Remote feature also covers more complex functions, such as searching and playing a file.

File management

GOM can replay most file formats and even those that are unique to some apps and software. Although when you open a file using GOM Player, it always converts into ASX since all files you save from this application become this extension.


You can download GOM Player for Mac and enjoy its entirely customizable interface. Thanks to a suite of advanced filters, it can be personalized to all users’ tastes and preferences. It has so many user interface controls that you literally wouldn’t know how to apply most of them. You can even tweak the aspect ratio of the application in a lot of different sizes.

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