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Dragon Downloader is a file downloader that can limit the number of simultaneous downloads. For example, if you run multiple downloads in Safari, it will attempt to download large files simultaneously. However, if you limit the number of simultaneous downloads, it is possible to focus on specific files which have a considerably slower download speed. Furthermore, when downloading large files in large numbers, you have to wait a long time until many of the files have completed downloading. However, if you limit the number of downloads, you can immediately use the file that has finished downloading.

It is possible to download image and video files embedded in web pages. To download them, display the internal web browser, then right-click the file in the right pane of the web browser to display the contextual menu, or double-click. Video from websites such as YouTube and streaming video cannot be downloaded. Also, this downloader was not created for the purpose of automatically saving all files in a website locally. It is possible to select the URL text displayed in the internal web browser, right-click to display the menu, and then add the URL text to the downloader. Details entered in text form are stored in the menu opened by right-clicking on the form so that the next time you visit the website, the same details can be entered into the form by right-clicking.

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