Day & Night World Map Studi‪o‬ 1.1.4
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Day & Night World Map Studio will create a dynamic wallpaper based on your timezone and it will also update its clock to match time of the day at your location. Quick & easy solution to get stunning map.


– Export day & night dynamic wallpaper

– Export single day & night wallpaper that matches app launch time

– Export map as series of images (Accessible from File menu)

– Take a map snapshot of at current time (Accessible from File menu)

– Adjust date to match solar situation*

– Adjust the frequency of images (time interval)

– Focus map on America/Asia/Prime Meridian or on your timezone

To create map that matches different daylight than your timezone/location just change system timezone to the desired one.

Export Quality:

– 512px (Free)

– 1024px, 2048px, 4096px, 5120px (In-App purchase)

*Solar inclination changes every day. To have a perfect map we recommend to update it to current date every 2 weeks.

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