Comodo Ice Dragon
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Comodo Ice Dragon is a powerful and secure web browser that combines the trust and reliability of the Comodo brand with the latest Firefox open source technology. Ice Dragon is the perfect browser for fast and secure web browsing and supports a wide range of powerful features.

Comodo Ice Dragon features

It is built on the unique Firefox source code, giving it the same powerful interface and functionality you’re used to while providing increased security and performance. It automatically blocks any websites or downloads that can harm your PC, and its complete SSL certificate and domain validation technology verifies the legitimacy of all websites visited. So you can be sure of your security and privacy.

Ice Dragon also features Comodo’s award-winning dragon-based malware protection to keep you safe. And the Ice Dragon Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers security and anonymity while browsing. Allowing you to securely access public wireless networks at public hotspots.

The browser has a built-in media player and supports plugins, so you can easily play. Download and share music, videos, games, documents and more. With Ice Dragon’s intuitive interface and streamlined design, you can access all your favorite web pages quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a novice looking for a secure, reliable browser or an experienced user looking for extra features, Comodo Ice Dragon has all the features you need. It’s time to join the modern web and download Comodo Ice Dragon today!

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