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Representing mostly a custom animation used for entertainment purposes, a SWF file is composed of multiple elements, such as images, shapes, effects and more. With the help of specialized applications like Softhink SWF Decompiler, you can easily have them put under the scope in order to extract any elements you might need in your project.

Thoroughly analyze SWF files

The application sports a rather familiar interface, resembling your common office suite working environment. This is not necessarily an issue, because it gives you the possibility to quickly accommodate.

Features, although not abundant, are cleverly arranged throughout the interface, with a side panel that displays a tree view of elements contained in a SWF file. Loading desired items is easily done either by having them dragged over the main window, or navigating to the specific location using an integrated file explorer.

Export and edit elements

One of the main features the application comes equipped with is a converter. Regardless of the project you’re working on, you can easily export the SFW file to FLA/FLEX, HTML5 and several other file formats, depending on the type of elements you stumble upon.

You can only choose to have specific elements exported by easily selecting them from the list, and hitting the “Export Resources” button. This can also be done for all elements at once. Additionally, you can use the application in order to export multiple SWF files simultaneously, to one of the previously mentioned formats.

In case the item loaded in your workspace happens to be an animation, it is most likely composed of image files. With the help of an integrated tool, you can carefully position each one of them, or completely replace one.

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